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Overcoming Your Devotional Obstacles

I have been reading the book, Overcoming Your Devotional Obstacles by John O’Malley. It is a wonderful book and study guide. I would definitely recommend it to every Christian! I would be the first to say, that over the years, I have really struggled in the area of personal devotions. Thankfully I have searched for, and found, numerous things that have been a help to me in my bible study. This book has been a great encouragement to me. I’m sure that I will read it over and over again! Today I am going to be focusing on just one of the chapters in this book. The Obstacle of Distraction This is probably my greatest challenge when it comes to studying God’s word. Life gets so busy. When you are running here, there, and everywhere,  it can be easy to fall into bed at night, exhausted, and not even remember that you forgot the most important part of your day.

The first step to making sure that you are not distracted by other things is to find a way to remember devotion time.  Something. Anything. Put a huge poster on your wall if you have to ! (My Mother has done this to me when I have forgotten school work.)  I have to remember to set time aside specifically for God and His word. That doesn’t mean just reading a few random verses and then not even giving them a second thought. That means actually putting effort into it! Do your best to give God your best. God’s word deserves your full attention and concentration!

One of the tips in the book is to use 3 x 5 cards. I use 3 x 5 cards a lot in my study & scripture memory. Verses are so much easier to meditate on, if you take the time to write them down. For scripture memory you can carry them with you everywhere that you go. Set them in an area where you will see it often and read it. When there is a specific verse, phrase, or promise, that sticks out to you in your devotions, be sure to write it down! To meditate on the verse even more, write these three words on the other side of the card: Inspires. Instructs. Includes.  First, write down what inspires you from that verse or section of verses. Second, write how God is instructing you personally. Third, write how you are included. How does it apply to your life? By doing these three things, we are able to get a better understanding of God and His word. Reading and studying the bible, verse by verse.

You can buy the book, Overcoming Your Devotional Obstacles by John O’Malley on Amazon. Here is the link

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