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2017 The Year Of Your Life

Heading into a new year, I’m always filled with a combination of excitement, wonder, and maybe even some worry and fear. Right now, there are eleven untouched months in 2017. Each day like a story just waiting to be written. An empty page just waiting to be filled. Right now, that can be somewhat of an overwhelming thought!…… Continue reading 2017 The Year Of Your Life

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God Made Dirt, Dirt Don’t Hurt

‘God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt.’ It’s a saying that I’m sure we’ve all heard so many times!  But, my reply every time I hear it said, “Well, God made rattlesnakes. And rattlesnakes WILL hurt!” Nevertheless, it is very true that you shouldn’t be afraid to work hard and get your hands dirty. In my family, mud…… Continue reading God Made Dirt, Dirt Don’t Hurt

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Sugar Cookies & Icing Recipes

CALLING ALL BAKERS!!!! Sooooo, if you know me, you know that I love to bake. Like, all of the time. Almost every single day I am in the kitchen baking something new!  I know that a classic winter time favorite is cut out sugar cookies, topped with a sweet, hardened icing. And now, I have some…… Continue reading Sugar Cookies & Icing Recipes