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200 Followers, New Business Ventures & A Blogging Break

This is going to be one of those crazy posts with a little bit of everything….  But it’s more fun that way, right? Oh yeah, totally! So for the first matter of great excitement, 200 FOLLOWERS!! Near the beginning of October, this blog had just reached 100 followers. Now, only a little more than 2 months…… Continue reading 200 Followers, New Business Ventures & A Blogging Break

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Answering Reader’s Questions & Why I Write

Hello readers! I’ve received quite a few different questions from readers in the past few months, so today, I thought compiling a few of them into one post would be the most efficient way to answer them. So here we go! If I didn’t get to answering your question in this post, just let me know…… Continue reading Answering Reader’s Questions & Why I Write

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Senior Pictures & Senior Survival Update

Okay, so this post was written by an exhausted senior who doesn’t want to think about how much school work she has to do in the next 7 months, so instead she’s just going to blog………. Sound good? Okay, great. Hello everyone! Yes, yes, yes, I am still alive…… And calling for help from underneath…… Continue reading Senior Pictures & Senior Survival Update

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Secret Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe

Okay everyone, it’s time to put away all of the boxed brownie mixes. Like for good. Forever. Seriously, you won’t regret it!  These brownies……. Honestly I still don’t know if I should actually be sharing these recipes……… If you know me, you most likely know that peanut butter brownies are my “signature dish.” But, I’ve had so many people…… Continue reading Secret Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe

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September In Review

Whew. September. What a crazy, amazing, busy month. It’s been quite a busy month, but it’s been pretty wonderful.  So now, onto a few highlights from this month! WARNING: Do not proceed, expecting a totally serious post. This is a highlight of my real life. (Click here to read more about that) There may be just a small…… Continue reading September In Review

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Being Real, When You Wish You Were Perfect

  I’ll start this post out with a story from a few months ago. A sweet lady from church had unexpectedly stopped by my house to bring my family something. As soon as I opened the door, she just looked at me with this surprised and somewhat shocked looked on her face. “Wow.” She said, looking me up…… Continue reading Being Real, When You Wish You Were Perfect

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Why I Started Blogging & A Giveaway!

Wow! We’ve reached 100 WordPress followers! And that’s not counting the many email followers! Thank you all so much for all of your encouragement and support in reading, following, and sharing posts with others. It is greatly appreciated. So now for a little story time…… I started working on this blog in late May of…… Continue reading Why I Started Blogging & A Giveaway!